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Robotique sociale : des robots pour s'occuper des personnes âgées

Jusqu’à quel point les robots peuvent-ils remplacer les humains pour le soin des personnes âgées ? La question est justifiée par des considérations démographiques : “Europeans are ageing. In 2016, there were 3.3 people of working-age for each citizen over 65 years. By 2070, this will fall to only two. As the population lives longer, our care needs grow, but fewer people will be available to deliver them. Could assistive technologies (ATs) help us to meet the challenges of elderly care?” expliquent les auteurs de ce podcast produit par le Parlement européen.

Entre vieillissement et maladies chroniques, outre la mise au point de nouvelles technologies d’assistance, est soulignée la nécessité de l’émergence de professionnels pour ce secteur : “The establishment of a defined profession of experts in the application of ATs could play an important role in addressing several issues. As well as providing support for individuals in the adoption of ATs that respond to their specific needs and individual circumstances – including old age – they could also help individuals without impairments to interact more effectively and inclusively with people using ATs. Their experience would also be valuable in informing the development of new ATs, as well as mainstream technologies that will be used by people with and without impairments“.


What if technologies replaced humans in elderly care? [Science and Technology podcast]

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