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Des pansements intelligents, produits de la bio-électronique

Micro-électronique + biologique = bio-électronique. Une start-up grenobloise, Grapheal, développe des bio-capteurs qui rendent les pansements et bandages assez intelligents pour surveiller la guérison des plaies :  “Graphene forms an ultra-thin layer (one atom thick) of pure crystalline carbon. Graphene sits at the border between inorganic (think microelectronics) and organic (think biology) worlds. It efficiently bridges these two fields which usually exclude each other, creating a “bio-electronics” platform capable of sensing & digitizing biochemical signals right where they occur » est-il expliqué sur le site de la jeune société. “More than 6.5 million persons are suffering from chronic wounds in the United States. The cost and incidence of chronic wounds is increasing, due to the aging population, and the increased prevalence of diabetes …New treatments for chronic wounds have led to improvements in wound management but wound monitoring tools and methodologies have not kept pace with this progress. Wound assessment is complex and requires a range of clinical skills and knowledge ».  L’avenir de l’”électronique sur peau” semble bien ouvert.

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