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Doit-on laisser Alexa diagnostiquer Alzheimer ?

Doit-on laisser Alexa diagnostiquer la maladie d’Alzheimer ? La question se pose pour Alexa comme pour les autres appareils connectés portables, les wearables, dont les promoteurs vantent la capacité de détecter des pathologies cardiaques, psychiatriques ou encore neurologiques. “Technology is now part of our lives in ways that were not possible only 10-20 years ago. Smart devices, like watches, phones, and speakers, can gather vast amounts of information about their users, often without the user’s knowledge or consent. As technology continues to improve, many of these devices may also be leveraged to serve diagnostic functions. Technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant can ambiently and continually monitor a variety of information about an individual’s location, voice, and movement. As this technology merges with wearables, such as the Apple Watch or FitBit, it may become possible to diagnose a wide range of diseases, including Alzhiemer’s. But should it?”

Ce  séminaire en ligne est organisé autour de cette question le 11 février prochain par le Petrie-Flom Center for health law policy, biotechnology and bioethics, le très actif centre de recherche pluridisciplinaire de la Harvard Law school aux Etats-Unis.


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