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Télécharger du bonheur ?

A relire : “Downloading happiness“. Cet article du Neuroethicsblog met en perspective les promesses et périls des  applications qui font miroiter un “téléchargement du bonheur”. Des applications proposent toutes sortes de “psychothérapies”, rendues possible à partir d’un smartphone par l’enregistrement de données de comportement. “As mental health and neurotechnologies are brought to market, there have been minimal barriers to entry in creating mobile apps with apparent face value. From ideation stages to actual product launch, several healthtech designs are relatively unregulated and untested regarding their actual validity as medical devices or supplements (Mohr, Zhang & Schueller, 2017). Because of this lack of quality control, individuals may be managing their stress and mental health disorders in ways that do more harm than good“. L’auteur appelle à davantage de régulation dans ces niveaux domaines de la santé connectée. 

Downloading Happiness, By Sorab Arora, mardi 20 mars 2018. The neuroethicsblog.

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